The guest gets a discount, the hotel doesn't pay commission.


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The goal is to be less dependent on Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s), to reduce costs and make a better distribution in revenue streams. Consumers can compare prices and availabilities on and click directly to the own website of your hotel, to make a commission-free booking. You can choose to share the savings on commission costs with your guests. The more savings you share, the higher your ranking on the Direct Booking Portal and the more direct traffic you will receive.

This connection allows you to manage your rates, availability and restrictions from within Noovy. Everything will be updated automatically on New booking and cancellations will update automatically, so you will see new booking dropping into your Noovy calendar as soon as your guest books on No more manually updating availability or entering booking.

Integration Features


Rates, Inventory and Restrictions are updated automatically


New bookings automatically drop in your calendar


Bookings are automatically being updated


Rate plans can be managed separately

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