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Connect your hotel to over 400+ online travel agencies and wholesalers. All prices and availability will be updated automatically on all sites and bookings will automatically drop in Noovy, meaning you can just watch those bookings coming in. Check out our marketplace with all our connections.


Be in full control of your prices and availability

Smart rules that help you save hours of manual work when updating your prices and availability. Send different prices to different booking sites, making sure you always offer the lowest price on your own website. Even automatically close specific sites when your hotel gets busy, so you pay less commission on those busy days. Have a look at our revenue management tools to truly maximise your revenue.

Revenue Management

Knowledge is power

03 Mar 2023 • 1 min reading

Guide with 30 tips to boost your hotel revenue

11 Feb 2023 • 1 min reading

Guide to double your direct bookings

Improve your hotel distribution

Reports that actually give you a fast and complete overview of your hotel. You will know exactly how each booking site is contributing to your success and how you compare with your competitors. Grow faster knowing where your guests are coming from and which booking sites they are likely to visit.

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Payment Collection

A fully integrated solution for a fast and secure experience. Charge credit cards, take authorizations and send out payment links, all automatically..

Payment Collection
  • 02. Property Management
  • 03. Mobile App


Property Management

Our smart calendar is key to a smooth operation, all your bookings will automatically drop in your calendar, then easily upgrade, check-in and check-out guests.

Property Management
  • 01. Payment Collection
  • 03. Mobile App


Mobile App

Now with the Noovy mobile app you can manage your hotel from anywhere, with your phone. This includes charging credit-cards and sending out payment links.

Mobile App
  • 01. Payment Collection
  • 02. Property Management

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