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No hidden fees
No long contracts
No support fees
No commission

€5 per room per month

Starting at €95 per month

How many rooms do you have?

€100 EUR per month + €295 one-time fee

This price includes everything you need to run your hotel

All your bookings in one place, safely stored in the cloud so you can access it from anywhere. Our smart calendar is key to a smooth operation, upgrade guests and create new bookings with just a few clicks.

Increase your hotel’s visibility and grow your occupancy by connecting to online travel agencies and wholesalers around the world. Noovy connects directly to over 400+ channels.

Track the prices of your six main competitors in real-time, so you can price your hotel with confidence. We will track the prices for the next 15 days in this plan, an add-on can be added for the full year.

Generate more commission-free bookings on your hotel website with our booking engine, which is built to maximise conversion, turning more visitors into guests.

Charge credit cards, take authorizations and send out payment requests, all automatically. Take in-person payments with our connected payment terminals, one terminal is included free of charge.

Let your guests check-in, check-out and pay online, in their language and with their preferred payment method. Reducing waiting times and improving the guest experience.

Now with the Noovy mobile app you can manage your hotel from anywhere, with your phone.

Connect to any accounting system, restaurant system, upselling too or any other app from within our growing marketplace of 3rd party apps. Many apps are plug & play and free to use.

Accurate and understandable reports are crucial for a smooth operation, from front desk to your F&B team and from housekeeping to management.

Send automated messages to your guests, from booking confirmations and pre-arrival emails to online check-in and post-stay follow-ups.

Create and manage group bookings with all the unique functionalities involved in the process.

No matter if you run 1 or 100 hotels, all you need is Noovy. Access multiple hotels from a single login, easily switch between hotels or use our Multi-property booking list and consolidated reports.

Some systems limit the number of room categories you can create, Noovy doesn’t. Create as many categories as you want.

Some systems limit the number of public rate plans you can create, Noovy doesn’t. Create as many public rate plans as you want.

Some systems limit the number of users you can create, Noovy doesn’t. Create as many users as you want.

Our support team is ready to help whenever needed, by phone, email or chat. No question will be left unanswered.

Available Add-ons

Within our marketplace of 3rd party apps you will find free and paid apps. Some apps are paid to use as they require additional attention, maintenance cost or are only used by very few hotels.

Take in-person payments with our connected payment terminals, for a smooth and mistake-free operation. One terminal is always included free of charge, but for any additional terminal a small fee is applied.

Be in total control of your prices and stay ahead of your competitors. Track the prices of your six main competitors in real-time for the next 365 days, so you can price your hotel with confidence. This add-on starts at €20 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely everything you need to run your hotel (better), a property management, channel management, booking engine, payment collection and all the other features you see listed above. We do offer a few add-ons, but these are optional and can be turned on and off at any time.

No, amazing support is included for all hotels using Noovy. We are here to help and leave no question unanswered.

No, you do not pay us any commission on bookings. Also for the booking engine, all 100% commission-free.

We need about 3 weeks to get a hotel live with Noovy. This includes setting up the hotel, training the hotel team and moving bookings from your old system to Noovy.

Unlimited, however in our marketplace you will find both free and paid integrations. Most integrations are free, like Booking.com, Expedia, RevControl, RoomPriceGenie, Lightspeed, Toast and many others. Some integrations are paid, in that case there is an additional fee of €20 per integrations per month.

Switching made easy

Our amazing support team will make sure that onboarding your hotel to Noovy will be a breeze. With our booking import tool, instruction video’s and personalised training switching systems was never easier.


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